There are many resources to help unschoolers, ranging from books and websites to real-life communities. These are just a selection of them.

Unschooling Websites

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Advice on nearly a hundred categories, from academic subjects to parenting

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An older website (2006) with some helpful articles and links

Thumbnail to Radio Free School

Radio Free School

A highly active blog with great insights into Unschooling

Thumbnail to Dayna Martin on YouTube

Dayna Martin on YouTube

A radical Unschooling advocate with dozens of popular short videos

Articles & Essays

Thumbnail to Life Learning

Life Learning

A Canadian website with a variety of helpful articles

Thumbnail to Alternative Education Resource Organization

Alternative Education Resource Organization

A vast library of articles on unschooling and other educational alternatives

Thumbnail to The Natural Child Project

The Natural Child Project

Everything you ever need to know about raising unschooled children—hundreds of great articles

Thumbnail to Delight-driven Learning

Delight-driven Learning

Great testimonials from unschoolers and their parents


There are a plethora of books about unschooling. Below is a sampling of our favorites:

The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to quit school and get a real life and education Real Lives: Eleven teenagers who don't go to school tell their own stories The Unschooling Handbook: How to use the whole world as your child's classroom College Without High School: A teenager's guide to skipping high school and going to college Dumbing us Down: The hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling

Communities & Gatherings

Thumbnail to Home/Unschooling directory

Home/Unschooling directory

A comprehensive directory of local support groups

Thumbnail to North Star Teens

North Star Teens

An example of a quintessential self-directed learning center located in central Massachusetts

Thumbnail to Not Back to School Camp

Not Back to School Camp

A series of week-long camps in Oregon and Vermont for Unschoolers aged 13-18

Thumbnail to Unschool Adventures

Unschool Adventures

International and domestic leadership trips for unschooling teenagers

Other Resource Lists

Thumbnail to The Natural Child Project

The Natural Child Project

As linked to earlier, this site is very comprehensive and neatly sorted into books, websites, and more

Thumbnail to Leaping From the Box

Leaping From the Box

Links to a variety of blogs and websites

Thumbnail to A to Z Home’s Cool

A to Z Home’s Cool

Lists about a dozen unschooling websites

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A forum posting with a huge list of books, websites, conferences & blogs

Have we forgotten a great unschooling resource? Please let us know.